In preparation for sitting down to write this week’s blog, I did my usual research. Shockingly, I came across an article in the CIPD magazine that made me stop and think. The article used the words ‘Leaveism’ and ‘Presenteeism’. What on earth? Apparently, ‘Leaveism’ is when employees take holidays instead of sick leave when they are ill in order to complete work at home when they haven’t been able to complete it at work. ‘Presenteeism’ is when employees turn up for work with an illness when clearly they should have stayed at home in bed.

So why not just say that? Why do we do this to ourselves as professionals? We are a service that needs to be an approachable partner and not seen as something so corporate that no one knows what on earth we are talking about. Imagine sitting down with your business partners to discuss ‘presenteeism?’ (At least Microsoft sees sense by underling both words as spelling errors!)

When the People team should be a service that enables the business, why are we making things so complicated for our customers?

At People Central we don’t use jargon – our focus is on enabling you to maximising your business performance through your people, in the simplest and most effective ways possible. Contact us to talk – but please don’t use made up words……