What do people think that you do at work? Are you viewed as providing security and governance or great advice to make your business more effective?

Whilst we all want to keep our businesses safe and legal, surely there’s more to an HR professional’s life. You might say that you want to be a consultant, but do your words match your intentions?

Why not ask yourself if you have said any of the following this week:

“You can’t…….”

“You shouldn’t……”

“You need to…….”

“If you do that….”

“Don’t do that….”

Consultants are great coaches. Instead consider:

“How could you do that?”

“What might the consequences of that be?”

“Have you considered?”

“What actions could you take?”

“What possibilities have you considered?”

“What outcome would you like?”

“What is a good result for you?”

“How can I support you with that?”

Consultant or constable, you decide how to be with your customer. Yes, that’s right, they are your customers…..

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