When recruiting, what preparation do you expect from the Candidate?

When you are recruiting and searching for that perfect employee, that star performer, your next top employee … what preparation do you expect the candidate to have done before they turn up at the interview?

  • Company Research?
  • Know who your customers and competitors are?
  • Think of and collate brilliant examples of their work and how they could bring this to the role?

This is the absolute minimum that we would expect to see!

When recruiting your next employee, if you expect them to be a Star Performer as a minimum they should have done their homework. If they haven’t done any (or at worst just a little) then the chances are they are not the right employee for you. They have to demonstrate their commitment to you and your company by showing a geniuine interest in who you are and what you do.

But … if we expect the Candidate to do their research – then shouldn’t you do yours? 

What preparation should you be doing?

In today’s increasingly competitive job market to get the best people, then you should be doing the following as your ‘absolute minimum’

  • Read the candidate’s CV thoroughly
  • Look at their Linked In profile
  • Look at any references
  • Have a great story to tell about you and your company
  • Prepare for the interview making sure that it is structured and that the questions you are going to ask match the role that you are recruiting

Remember your approach on the day represents your brand.

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