Why are HR teams not included in strategic business discussions? Check that you aren’t perpetuating the: “HR is full of fluff” myth through your choice of words. Use the following at your peril….

Leverage: As in, ‘we intend to leverage our investment in our IT people across multiple business units to drive profits’.
Reach out: As in, ‘remember to reach out to our employees impacted by the change’.
It is what it is: As in, ‘he has resigned without notice. It is what it is’.
Game changer: As in, ‘transitioning to online recruitment was a game changer for our company’.
Disconnect: As in, ‘there is a disconnect between what the employee wants and what we provide’.
Value-add: As in, ‘we have to evaluate the value-add of this activity before we spend more on it’.
Circle back: As in, ‘I’m heading out of the office now, but I will circle back with you later’.
Socialise: As in, ‘we need to socialise this policy with our key stakeholders’.
Interface: As in, ‘my job requires me to interface with all levels of the organisation’.
There are far more effective ways to get HR involved in business strategy.

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