Following a recent survey measuring the impact of HR, we were shocked to discover that only just over a third of employees felt that their HR Department had a positive impact on them, their colleagues and their organisation.

The survey also indicated that the organisation’s relationship with HR is mainly transactional and engagement only occurs when something is needed, something often relating to a Discipline and Grievance, Recruitment, Payroll, Health and Wellbeing etc. But, as HR Professionals, we can offer so much more. So why is it then that our colleagues don’t utilise us more fully?

It could be argued that Managers are better equipped these days to deal with some of the more traditional people issues rather than escalate to HR. It could however also be that the perception of HR is not the reality and if this is the case, then how do we promote ourselves so that our colleagues want to engage with us more?

How do we tell them about the added value we can offer and therefore reduce the distance between HR and staff to represent their perspective and get close enough to the strategy to change the business logic?

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